Announcements Archive

July 2009 Show

7/10/09 - Last minute changes: We've just added artist Don Hillsman II. Also, the 501st will not be able to join us, but we will have our local Ghostbusters contigent. See you Sunday!

6/25/09 - Added 4 new guests: Artists Fran Matera, Austin Janowsky, and Jesse Starr plus Bettie Page lookalike model Page Turner. CGC will be on hand as well. Plus, check out our new commerical on the Videos page.

5/27/09 - Added artist Joe Rubinstein, who worked with Chris Claremont on Uncanny X-Men and the Wolverine mini-series. Plus, we'll have a Transformers panel and vintage Transformers on display.

5/26/09 - Just added: Paul Pelletier, artist of Marvel's War of Kings mini-series. We're also happy to announce we will have a seminar with Chris Claremont for store owners Saturday night 7-9 at the Minnreg to present his new projects and do a special signing before the convention on Sunday. Please RSVP Tim Gordon at 727-522-9032 (beverages and snacks will be provided). More great announcements coming!

5/13/09 - Huge Guest Announcement: Chris Claremont, legendary Marvel Comics writer, is coming to our July show!

4/27/09 - More guest announcements including Lone Ranger artist Sergio Cariello plus Chainsaw Chuck Majewski, Greg Andrews, "King of the B Movies" Joel D. Wynkoop, cosplay model Jessica Nova, and novelist Glenda Finkelstein.

4/13/09 - We're just getting started with announcements for our July show with Chuck DIxon, Dick Giordano, Bill Black, Amanda Stevens, and Fierce Comics.


March 2009 Show

3/18/09 - We have some new commercials for the show. View them on our VIdeos page.

3/16/09 - Just added artist Jesse Starr, appearing courtesy of Superhuman Experiment.

3/11/09 - We've just added artist Fran Matera. Plus...CGC will be joining us.

3/3/09 - Added local creators Ben Filipiak and Rob Rhine. We'll also be joined once again by the 501st Legion and the Heroes Alliance.

3/2/2009 - Added a trio of comics legends: Pat Broderick, Dick Giordano, and Pablo Marcos. We've also added sketch prices for Georges Jeanty.

2/26/2009 - Check out our right sidebar for exclusive discounts on Tampa Bay Lightning games and a nearby hotel.

2/25/2009 - Added George Jeanty, artist of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight as well as various X-Men titles.

2/10/2009 - Added Superhuman Experiment model Amanda Stevens plus artist Austin Janowsky (Iron Man: The End, Red Sonja, Invincible)

2/9/09 - The Film Festival, presented by Creature Productions and Vater Entertainment, wil be part of the show.

2/6/09 - Added local radio personality/photographer Tedd Webb.

1/16/09 - Artist Herb Trimpe named Guest of Honor. We will also be joined by actor Joel D. Wynkoop and Fierce Comics.

12/22/08 - New dates and new location announced.

November 2008 Show

11/7/08 - Due to unforseen circumstances, Kiyomi Amemura has cancelled for the show. WYNKOOP TV will be taping interviews at the show. Also, we will have the movie trailer for the new version of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" on display.

11/4/08 - Bob Layton has now confirmed that work commitments will force him to miss this weekend's show. He hopes to join us for another show in the future. Also, we welcome Mangaka artist Kiyomi Amemura to the guest list.

11/3/08 - It has becomes necessary for Dick Giordano to skip this show, but he hopes to attend our next convention instead. In addition, work commitments may make it necessary for Bob Layton to withdraw as well, but we are still awaiting final word.

10/31/08 - Watch our commercials featuring Joel D. Wynkoop on our new Videos page.

10/24/08 - "Iron Man: The End" signing announced. Added Austin Janowsky and Ghostbusters South Coast.

10/7/08 - Added Pablo Marcos, Fran Matera, Rob Granito, J.S. Earls, Carlos Mangual, and Rob Richardson.

9/22/08 - Website updated for the November show.

August 2008 Show

7/18/08 - Latest Additions: Austin Janowsky, Javier Lugo, Carlos Mangual, Scott Reed, Rob Richardson, Greg Vondruska, Michael White, and the Ghostbusters.

7/17/08 - Latest Additions: Bill Black, J.S. Earls, and Mitch Hyman. Lots more still to come!

6/26/08 - New Guests: Pablo Marcos, Dick Kulpa, and Bill Marimon. Stay tuned for lots more announcements!

5/20/08 - Our latest guest announcements include artists Dick Giordano, Alex Saviuk, and Fran Matera as well as "King of the BMovies" Joel D. Wynkoop.

5/15/08 - We're starting to roll out the August guest lineup, including Marvel artist Brandon Peterson.


April 2008 Show

4/1/08 - Added actress Debi Storm, actor/singer Robin McNamara, comic writer Scott Reed, Big City Comics, and details of a special showing of "The Legends of Comic Books."

3/25/08 - Due to unforseen circumstances, "Creature" will be unable to attend.

3/25/08 - Added artist Pat Broderick. Stay tuned for more guest announcements!

3/18/08 - Added Artistic License Studio and (X) with Amanda Stevens. Fran Matera has been moved to our August show, and artist Greg Vondruska has had to cancel for April.

3/5/08 - Added creators David Lloyd (Artist of "V for Vendetta"), Fran Matera, Greg Vondruska, and Chris Leidenfrost. Also added a special offer through attending artist Javier Lugo to have commissions inked by legendary artist Joe Rubinstein.

2/19/08 - Added local artist Arthur Ball.

2/1/08 - Actors Lauren Chapin (Father Knows Best") and Jeff Breslaurer have joined the guest list as well as artists Miguel Insignares and Javier Lugo.

1/15/08 - More guests have been announced for our April show including Drew Geraci (Green Lantern Corps, Gen13, 52).

12/18/07 - Initial Guest List for April show announced.


November 2007 Show

11/2/07 - Cindy Morgan apologizes but will not be able to attend the show.

11/1/07 - Added artists Jesse Hansen and Chris Lesley from the Cadre Corner.

10/19/07 - Added Drew Geraci, inker of Gen13, 52, and more.

9/25/07 - Added Parthenon from "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" Season Two.

9/24/07 - Added Feedback, the winner of "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" Season One.

9/20/07 - Discount Rooms at the Doubletree are now available for the show. The cost is $89, and they must be booked by Ocotber 22nd. Call Meko Booth and ask for the "Comic Book Convention Special Rate."

9/17/07 - Added Fat Momma from "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" Season One.

9/14/07 - Added webcomic writer/artist Josh Smeaton.

9/13/07 - Added Actor Jeffrey Breslauer.

9/5/07 - Added Actor Joel D. Wynkoop and Artist Don Hillsman. Also, comics from the Christian Comic Art Society will be available once again.

9/4/07 - Added Artist Fran Matera and Tattoo Artist Marc Draven

8/29/07 - The initial guest-lineup for our November show in now available. Stay tuned for more announcments.


August 2007 Show

8/8/07 - Added actor/artist Joel D. Wynkoop

7/27/07 - Artist Austin Janowsky has been added.

7/25/07 - We regret to announce that artist Ethan Van Sciver has had to cancel for the August show.

7/23/07 - Added Ken Anthony II (Artistic License Studios), Ben Filipiak and Pat Batton (Fierce Comics); added announcement concerning Christian Comic Arts Society; added new Directions page to the site.

7/16/07 - Added Pablo Marcos and Glenda Finkelstein; plus more information about the Film Festival including the trailer for Glenda Finkelstein's short film

7/10/07 - Added Gary Friedrich, the Co-Creator of Ghost Rider

6/27/07 - Added website link for Jim Fern

6/12/07 - Added author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and new artwork for tattoo artist Marc Draven

5/23/07 - Added information for Joe Leone, Jr.

5/18/07 - More information about the Film Festival

5/15/07 - Guest Lineup for August show announced